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a rainy night here at santana row, but that didn't keep people away from shopping and to eat. no outdoor typing tonight here. the rain forced people to go inside to eat. >> 50 is way too cold for me. >> reporter: not so for his friend from new york who wore just a shirt. this is nice weather from him. >> it's just water. you need this, and your clothes will get wet, your just wipe it off. >> reporter: the rain didn't stop this woman from walking her dog. the dog didn't mind either. >> it's nice. the rain is refreshing and we need it. >> reporter: she is used to having rain in her native hawaii. but she's not used to it being chilly, so she wore a jacket. >> i'm mostly dry except for my feet. they're soaked. >> reporter: people out here are saying bring the rain on. they wouldn't mind seeing the rain stick around. live at santana row, george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of our weather, on air and online. it's a great resource on our website, also, tune in bright and early tomorrow morning at 4:30 for "today in the bay." >>>
on highway 50 or 80. >>> crews were on alert for the third day in a row, rescue crews searching the los angeles river for those who got caught in the current. there is a tornado warning in areas, some people stay. >> i didn't get to sleep until after 2:45 and none of this was here. >> the problem we have and the situation we deal with is that while we have these lulls in the sense of people maybe think it's over, it's past, that's not true. we do expect more rain. >> the mud is thrflowing off th hillside that burned 1900 acres in january. >>> today governor brown signed two bills that would provide $700 million in drought money. it will help manage resources. a million dollar will go to a public awashness campaign to inform residents how to save water. you can track weather online on our website, and get the forecast for your neighborhood on >>> a developing story, the crisis in ukraine is now becoming a full blown international affair, the russian parliament sent troops into ukraine less than 600 miles from where the olympics were just held. the situation in ukraine is
in afghanistan. a nearly 5 mile run/walk started in downtown san jose, finished at santana row. several of our nbc bay area co-workers participated. garvin thomas. we just heard from him. phillip suke. and the last three, without them this show doesn't happen, they were up at 8:00 running, and they're here tonight making sure this happens. >> and they did a pretty good job tonight given the fact they've been up since 8:00 this morning. >> it's almost tomorrow. >> thanks for watching bay area news. goodnight. >>> now his former students return the favor. >> it's unbelievable to look up and see them all. >>> she lost so much in the vietnam war. >> it seems like -- >> but after years of searching, she found the man responsible for giving her a new life in the u.s. >> my dream came true after all these years. >
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3